We invite you to share with us the benefit of the wonderful practices of Yoga Asanas, Meditation & Kirtan to relax your body, mind and spirit in a friendly setting at Everton Park Yoga.

The tree of Yoga goes far beyond just exercises. Although the exercises improves health and well-being of the body, the real purpose and priceless gift of Yoga is the knowledge and practice to achieve self-realization.

Appreciating this understanding of Yoga, we use Hatha yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and mantra meditation to give an experience of spiritual happiness and a lasting relief from stresses of life.

Peaceful Heart

Hatha yoga increases flexibility, strengthens and tones muscles, balances hormones, cleanses and flushes all the internal systems of the body. It also calms the mind and reduces stress.

Accompanied by Musical instruments, Mantra Meditation offers you the experience of awareness, restfulness and relaxation. It brings peace to the heart and gives an immediate and lasting relief from stress.

Classes are suitable for all levels with a strong focus on working within your body’s limitation. We use breath and awareness as guide to go deeper in your asanas. Hence, your body is safe and experiences the benefits of Hatha yoga.